Nitya Kansal, Makeup Lead and Arati Nagaraj, Costumes Lead

Nitya Kansal (L), Makeup Lead and Arati Nagaraj, Costumes Lead

Nitya Kansal (L), Makeup Lead and Arati Nagaraj, Costumes Lead

"With BAD Company, Sindu and Basab have created an environment where people feel comfortable and welcome. Perfect combination to let one’s creative juices flow!"
- Nitya Kansal

"Working as a costume designer for BAD Company, has increased my "curiosity quotient”. What I have learned - about theater production, social justice + art and costume design - has changed me as a human being."
- Arati Nagaraj


With over decade of experience leading makeup for multiple plays, musicals, films and stage productions with various Bay Area organizations, Nitya brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge, commitment and passion for the performing arts with her. This is her second outing with Bay Area Drama Company. She led the makeup team earlier this year for the sixteen-member cast of Wedding Album, our spring production. We are thrilled to have her back as Makeup Lead for Not Equal To.

In her own words, 'Working as a makeup artist, I get a different shape and color canvas each time, and I am allowed to create interesting and believable characters out of them for a story. Also, I get to meet nice, intelligent and very creative people. In my spare time, I enjoy nature, reading, music and dogs!'


Arati has been an avid theatre goer for several years with a deep interest in the arts. A chance encounter with BAD Company in April led to her take the plunge from an audience member to designing costumes for the summer production of Counter Offence. Happily for us, she returns now as the lead Costume Designer for Not Equal To.

In her professional life, Arati advocates, invents, and innovates educational solutions to fuse daily practices, curriculum design, and technology into unique learning experiences for global learners of all ages. She holds a Masters in Education, Media and Technology from Boston University.

Photos of the Makeup team and Costumes team for Not Equal To are on our Facebook page here.

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