Artistic Directors

Sindu Singh

Sindu’s directorial credits include Ayad Akhtar’s The Invisible Hand, Vijay Tendulkar's Kanyadaan, Rahul Varma's Counter Offence, Girish Karnad's Wedding Album and Mahesh Dattani's Dance Like a Man. As an actor, she has essayed multiple roles with various Bay Area theatre companies. Some of her favorites include Roma in Basab Pradhan’s Greater Than, the dual roles of Aruna & Subhadra in Mahesh Elkunchwar’s Sonata, Khulsoom in Wajahat Ali’s The Domestic Crusaders, Malini in Anupama Chandrasekhar’s Free Outgoing, Naina in Basab Pradhan's adaptation of Ibsen's A Doll's House, Damyanti in Mahesh Elkunchwar's Party, Bagheera in Harish Agastya's Mowgli and I, Sarita in Vijay Tendulkar's Kamla, Hamida Begum in Asghar Wajahat's Jis Lahore Nahin Vekhya O Jammyai Nahin. the dual roles of Kaikeyi & Trijata in Dr. Parameswaran's Sitayascaritam Mahat for the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, the dual roles of Indal & Mahil in the nautanki Indal Haran, performed by invitation for the South Asia Institute, UT Austin, Rita in Sanjeev Desai’s Go To Your Room, Mother!, and Bhagwati in Divided Together, an adaptation of Girish Karnad's Hayavadana for Stanford University’s Graduate Winter Repertory. She founded 'Rangmanch', a South Asian theatre group for the Stanford University community, and for its maiden outing, directed Yoni ki Baat, the South Asian version of Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues.

She holds a Master's degree in International Finance & Business from Columbia University and in her previous life worked in various capacities in Corporate Marketing, Strategic Planning & Advertising. When she’s not acting or directing, Sindu can be found cuddling with her labradoodle puppy, Jamun, or spending time with her fast-growing children, Jai and Naina.

She is currently directing Girish Karnad’s Boiled Beans on Toast.

Sindu is the Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Bay Area Drama Company.

PC: Ashima Yadava


Basab Pradhan is a playwright, director and actor. His playwriting credits include Greater Than, a play about sexual harassment in Silicon Valley, Not Equal To, a corporate thriller set in the Indian IT industry and A Doll's House, an Indian-American adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's classic. His recent acting credits include the role of Nath Devlalikar in Kanyadaan, Chairman Rao in Not Equal To, Moolchand in Counter Offence, Salman in The Domestic Crusaders and Jairaj in Dance Like a Man. He recently directed Mahesh Elkunchwar’s Sonata and Anupama Chandrasekhar's Free Outgoing.

Basab is the Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Bay Area Drama Company. He is a graduate of IIT Kanpur, where he would have majored in theatre, had it been on offer. 

Founder Emeritus

Ravi Bhatnagar co-founded Bay Area Drama Company in 2014. His passion for theatre and film spans over 40 years in India and California.  He has been a part of more than 50 productions in various capacities, primarily as director or actor.  In 1980, he founded 'Proscenium', a theatre company in Kolkata which is still going strong today.  He was also a professional independent film-maker and created several television series and commercials, corporate films, as well as education and training films.  Here in the Bay Area, he has directed several successful productions including Tendulkar's Sakharam Binder, Elkunchwar's Party and Ayn Rand's Night of January 16th.  Ravi played the title role in Vermaji, a film that was selected and screened at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.  Most recently, he directed Wajahat Ali's The Domestic Crusaders and directed/acted in Rahul Varma's Bhopal, BAD Company's maiden production which premiered on the 30th anniversary of the tragic Union Carbide disaster.