Opening Weekend Audience Reviews & Photos - WEDDING ALBUM

Photos courtesy of: Swagato Basumallick

What an incredible opening weekend! Audiences simply raved about Wedding Album. Here are some photos as well as some of our audience reactions:

The performances were par excellence. Could really relate to this play! So real, so raw, funny, ironic, annoying - all the typical issues and situations of an Indian wedding and emotional family moments. The father of the bride reminded me of my father and I went through so many emotions watching this amazing play. LOVED it!! Waiting for their future productions! - Sushanta Bhandarkar

Wonderful performances! It was a treasure trove of talented actors bringing to life Girish Karnad's script. The Dharwad setting and the pure, unalloyed music of the giants of Dharwad- Bhimsen Joshi, Gangubai Hangal, Kumar Gandharva, etc. was an added treat to my ears...highly recommend watching will love it for its extremely high production values. -TN Arunagiri

Another excellent play by Bay Area Drama Company! "Wedding Album" was done so intricately and the entire cast as well as the production team worked extremely hard to bring in a beautiful production for us. Kudos to Sindu Singh for directing the play! - Yamini Mitter

This play takes a peek into the life of a middle class family preparing for their daughter's upcoming arranged marriage. The characters were all very relatable and subtle at the surface. The dark secrets pour out as the play progresses. It mirrors an Indian society grappling with western and traditional norms. It depicts the pre wedding chaos and confusion beautifully! Loved all the characters...Sindu Singh you are always amazing on or off stage! Congratulations on another successful play. - Namrita Yuhanna

'Wedding Album' by Bay Area Drama Company did Girish Karnad proud! Fast paced and full of interesting turns, and amazing acting!!! Congrats Basab, Sindu and team!!! - Simonil Kakalia

Saw an amazing play yesterday by Bay Area Drama Company....The play is presented in snapshots, woven as a collage depicting the life of a Saraswat Brahmin Dharwad middle class family-- The Nadkarni's -- whose youngest daughter is about to get married to a NRI boy, she has never met but with whom she has video chatted and skyped. The pre wedding anxiety, panic and chaos that surrounds them is typical of any Indian household. There is the jealous Australia-residing older sister, anxiety ridden Catholic girl-dating older brother, neurotic mother and unkempt and living-in-the-past father. This frothy normalcy glosses over deeper issues which Girish Karnad craftily reveals as he unveils the layers of each character and slowly the secrets start to spill--all the pent up anger, rage, unfulfilled desires, slights, humiliation and even darker ones like infidelity and molestation come to the surface briefly but is quickly shoved back into the closeted layer of secrecy. The jaded NRI groom seeks an innocent, small town Indian girl to rescue him from the cultural and moral wasteland of the west. Little does he know that his bride-to-be is all bubbly innocence by day and an Internet cafe video-sex-chatting voyeur by night. The juxtaposition of traditional middle class values with modern technological globalization is captured beautifully and the seamless blending of background music by the "sons of Dharwad" -- Kumar Gandharva, Mallikarjun Mansoor, Basavaraj Rajguru and Bhimsen Joshi clinched it for me. Kudos to the Director, Sindu Singh, for doing full justice to Girish Karnad. - Vani Suresh




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