Director Sindu Singh's Note on WEDDING ALBUM


A play as complex as Wedding Album can be deceiving. On the surface it draws one in purely on its merits as an entertaining, exquisitely woven tale about a family in the throes of excitement around an upcoming wedding. The characters are no doubt layered, nuanced and have multiple, oft-surprising facets to them, which is to be expected from a playwright of Girish Karnad's stature. 

But delve deeper into the world of the Nadkarnis, and threads emerge even in seemingly innocent interactions that reveal Karnad's sharp acumen at providing penetrating insights into human dynamics ā€“ the narrative is rich with incisive revelations about the influences, both dark and uplifting, that shape us at the most visceral level and bleed into every relationship we form, the sometimes misinformed disappointments we carry over a lifetime that sadly mar our ability to connect with loved ones, the petty misunderstandings that can lead to fate-altering decisions, the tragedies we hide from and behind, and the dual personas we inhabit, allowing others into just a few select bits of our true selves. Only a shrewd master craftsman can wield this astonishing ability to use art as a self-deprecating tool with which to question notions of identity, all the while infusing the process with humor and lightness. The beauty of Wedding Album ultimately lies in how it subtly nudges us to revisit those perceptions of the world that we take for granted and understand more keenly the colors of the lens we view it through.

I thank the magical powers that deemed my existence so charmed that I find myself bringing this enchanting script to stage. Iā€™m still scratching my head and blinking at the wonder of it all. My humble thanks to Girish Karnad for so graciously entrusting his work to us. My late father, Shri Thirumalai Doraiswamy, will truly be smiling down from heaven at the thought of his daughter directing a play penned by the great Kannada legend.

- Sindu Singh

Basab Pradhan