Audiences Loved FREE OUTGOING

Free Outgoing premiered with a bang this past weekend with three fantastic shows. The audiences simply loved the play. Here are a few of the rave reviews we received...

Fantastic play. I highly recommend that my local friends watch it. Especially with their teen kids. Very powerful acting by Sindu Singh. Great direction by Basab Pradhan. I’ve watched other plays by BAD company. They’ve outdone themselves with this one.
— Shailaja Venkatsubramanyan
Wow, Sindu and Basab, what a show! Congratulations to you and the entire cast and crew. Indeed you guys set the bar very high for theatre productions. Apt theme, great acting and crisp direction made tonight’s show, Free Outgoing, theatre at its best. Awesome, guys!
— Harleen Singh
Bay Area Drama Company is known for its thought provoking and intelligent productions. #FreeOutgoing was no exception. An extremely relevant play on today’s environment of social media and viral videos. Another riveting and sensitive performance by Sindu Singh!
— Namrita Yuhanna
Fabulous play! Awesome performance. Very tight and not a wasted moment. Congrats!
— Ameeta Manjeshwar
Another successful and meaningful production....It was a very uplifting and inspiring experience. A huge thank you to the magnificent director, cast and crew. #Anabsolutelyrivetingperformance.
— Arpita Sikka

Two more shows next weekend!

FREEBasab Pradhan