Pratish Shah on Playing Santhosh

As the father of two teenagers, one of each gender, the role of Santhosh Kumar, hits closer to home than most.

Santhosh Kumar comes from an affluent upper class background, one that is  unburdened with middle class morality, but still steeped in patriarchy. His son, Jeevan, born to the comfort and privilege that only money can buy, is not vert fastidious when it comes to privacy about intimacy. Jeevan records a video of Deepa, his girlfriend, in a moment of passion on his fancy smart phone, and out of bravado, shares the video with one close friend. In this age of smart phones, and social media, does it stop at that?

Santhosh receives a phone call from Malini, Deepa's mother. Feeling some responsibility about the situation, he shows up at Malini's doorstep. Torn between my own feelings of empathy for Malini as a parent of a teenage girl, and the nonchalance expected of Santhosh Kumar, this is my interpretation of the role. 

Thanks Basab Pradhan for your careful and meticulous guidance every step of the way, and my truly inspirational co-actor, Sindu Singh, for bringing out the Santhosh in me. Hope you'll like it. 

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