Pascale Sauvé - Bilateral trade trumps morality

Phil Wiseman as Pascale Sauvé

Phil Wiseman as Pascale Sauvé

My role as Pascale Sauve, the Canadian diplomat is a challenging one for me. As a husband, father and businessman, I highly value integrity and doing the right thing. Pascale, on the other hand, is the ultimate politician, and is willing to say or do just about anything to achieve his goal of a bilateral trade agreement between Canada and India, and promote his own career in the process.

Not only is Pascale willing to violate his own integrity to further his agenda, he is willing to sell out the strong-willed and principled Dr. Labonte, and play hardball with Jaganlal to advance his own agenda. He is a ruthless negotiator, and ultimately pays a high price for his self-centered goals. Come see how!

- Phil Wiseman

BhopalBasab Pradhan