Devraj Sarthi - Do The Ends Justify the Means?

Basab Pradhan as Devraj Sarthi

Basab Pradhan as Devraj Sarthi

“For it is poverty that is the greatest environmental hazard."

Meet Devraj Sarthi, the CEO of Union Carbide India. A young, ambitious, go-getter. Capitalist to the core. He believes that attacking poverty is the best way to help the poor. And the best way to attack poverty is through industrial development. Eventually, the benefits will trickle down to the poor.

Sarthi was a Carbide manager in the US when he was hand-picked by Warren Anderson to go run the India operations. He is a man in a rush. This is his chance to shine in Union Carbide. This is also his opportunity to do something he cares about - bringing jobs and economic development to India.

Along the way, things start to go wrong. He cuts corners, and does some very questionable things to cover up what is going on at the Union Carbide site in Bhopal. Are his brazen tactics, the result of his delusional, hyper-ambition or is he conflicted but thinks that the means justify the ends? 

To find out, come watch me play Devraj Sarthi in BHOPAL. Four shows in the Bay Area  December 3-14.

- Basab Pradhan

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