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Written by Mahesh Elkunchwar

Directed by Basab Pradhan

Produced by Sindu Singh

Lohman Theatre, Aug 17-25, 2018

In a world dominated by stories of bromances, male bonding over cigars and scotch at gentleman's clubs, and headline news about "locker room talk", Sonata is that rare story about ... just women. Three non-conformist, independent career women living life on their own terms in a metropolis.

The play explores modern notions of friendship, betrayal, loneliness and forgiveness. Penned with nuance and humor by master playwright Mahesh Elkunchwar, of Pratibimb and Party fame, Sonata was adapted into film in 2017 and directed by Aparna Sen, featuring Shabana Azmi, Lillete Dubey and Sen herself in the leading roles.

English | 90 minutes | Ages 13+ 

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