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Not Equal To

Written & Directed by Basab Pradhan

Sunnyvale Theatre, December 2-10, 2017

Not Equal To is a gripping tale of intrigue and corporate corruption set in the not-too-distant future. The leading company in the stagnating Indian IT industry is witnessing a face-off between employees and management. Repeated attempts by the employees to unionize have been decisively crushed.

Against this backdrop, Anna, the leader of the underground employees’ union pits her wits against the company's powerful Chairman Rao and his Executive Council. Rahul, Anna’s boyfriend, becomes a pawn in this high-stakes game of hacked servers and scandalous press leaks. Will Chairman Rao survive the assault by a determined Anna and her cohort? Or will he be forced to resign by the board?    

Not Equal To is a play about inequality - the notion that over time, all societies tend to separate into classes, and those that inhabit the creamy layer at the top can thrive only by exploiting the underclasses.