Director's Note - STATE OF DENIAL

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When I was asked to direct Rahul Varma’s State of Denial, I didn’t know much about the Armenian Genocide. I had to push my overwhelming desire to work for B.A.D. Company aside and make sure I was the right Director for this project. After communicating with the writer, I knew, along with a wonderful cast of actors, and the support of the Artist Directors, that I could help guide this play into life; shedding light on a part of History not discussed openly or often in this country. 

On this journey, there have been major discoveries and breakthroughs in understanding of the characters in the play for our team. Living within the themes of this play are the stark histories of the Armenian Genocide, the Rwandan Genocide, and asylum based immigration. These themes hit close to home, even today, in the United States. 

There is something special about telling the stories of People of Color, especially when there are characters who persevere, advocate and, dare we say, survive. As Sahana says "Those who survived are scarred forever". 

I hope your engagement with this play is as dramatic and truthful; artistic and relevant; entertaining and thought-provoking as it has been for us to create it for you.

– Kimberly Ridgeway

Kimberly Ridgeway has been working professionally as an Actor, Director, Writer and Producer in film and theater for over 20 years. Kimberly wrote, produced, directed, and starred in the stage plays Heavy BurdensNo More SecretsProspect Place, and The Gigolo Chronicles, and the short film “The Confession”. Her favorite roles include Mrs. Muller, Doubt, Sam Stevens, The Gigolo Chronicles, Coretta Scott King/Fannie Lou Hamer, All The Way, Randa, Savannah Sipping Society, Bernice, The Piano Lesson, Duchess in Wonderland (World Premiere), Tiana in “Hopes Identity” and Camae in The Mountaintop for which she won the 2016 BroadwayWorld San Francisco Award for Best Leading Actress in a Play (Local). Kim will return to directing Hickory Dickory at Dragon Theater, Redwood City, in September 2019 and Wait Until Dark at Village Theater, Danville, in February 2020. Kim is honored to have been trusted to direct this amazing piece of work with this talented and supportive cast, crew and playwright. 

Basab Pradhan