Audience Reactions to THE INVISIBLE HAND

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With three shows left, here is what our audiences have to say about The Invisible Hand.

We were riveted to our seats, laughing sometimes and watching in disbelief at other times. The quality, the professionalism, the mission-driven approach of the company—to present plays that air the social issues of the day—will move you. Please go!

– Kalpana Mohan

Invisible Hand. Had a wonderful time. Great acting, excellent direction...

– Sarvesh Mahesh

Beautifully directed by Sindu Singh featuring powerful performances all around. I love this theater company. They produce shows that are timely, compelling and socially impactful. Bay Area theater lovers, get your tickets.

– Paul Costello

Just enjoyed watching some really good acting. Local friends - do catch the play if you can. Highly recommended!

– Shailaja Venkatasubramanian

Amazing production guys !! Enjoyed it to the core.. captivating acting, intimidating mind blowing scenes.. it was a pleasure to watch .. 😀

– Tannistha Chandrima Mukherjee

Watched my first play here yesterday! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your future productions.

– Majella Pinto

Well done, congratulations and best wishes to all involved in this wonderful production.

– Karthik Gnanamurthy

We saw the play today. Good acting by all and well produced. Keep it up.

– Anand Ramamurthy

A must see!!! Loved it...!!

– Madhuvanti Bhide

Fabulous play!! Well done!

– Reena Kapoor

Congratulations...An intense, drama and movement packed, with perfect casting, suspense-fully story told on stage!

– Sukanya Sarkar

Basab Pradhan