Audiences Loved SONATA

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Sonata ended its run on Saturday with the audiences raving about it. Here's  a sampling of what people said on social media:

Amazing production! Well acted and directed. Spending time with Maheshji was a surprise and so worth the time. Looking forward to attending more from this production house.

- Neha Chaudhary

Wonderfully done Basab and Sindu! I thought the play is very relevant even today though it was written 20 years ago.  All three of the friends/characters Aruna, Dolon and Subhi acted brilliantly!  Maheshji’s insights and Q and A after the show an icing on the cake!! 

- Veena Joshi Kamath

I had the privilege to be in the audience last night in the presence of the playwright himself. It made the event even more special and meaningful. I am so grateful to have this Theatre group close to us. Thank you!!

- Uttara Makkar

Sonata by Bay Area Drama Company. An evening in the lives of 3 independent working women living in Mumbai. Refreshing that norms have changed to make this not unusual. A superb play as always by BAD, congrats Basab Pradhan and Sindu Singh.

- Simonil Kakalia

Sonata, a play by Bay Area Drama Company was as delectable as a Pinot, as layered, vulnerable and competent as the three women and as mysterious and ambiguous as the night! The cherry on top was the presence of Mr Mahesh Elkunchwar, the playwright of Sonata himself. It was enlightening to hear his thought process behind this ahead-of-its-times play on three non conformist, independent women! 

- Namrita Yuhanna

A brilliant cast led by  Sindu Singh; a treat for theater intersections of 3 women one night in Bombay...

- Ameeta Manjeshwar

Watched a fantastic play - Sonata - produced by BAD Company. Great acting, wonderful screenplay (dialogs are delightful) and the attention to detail is very impressive. BAD's best production in my opinion. Did not think they could outdo themselves after Kanyadaan, another superb production. Thanks Sindu Singh and Basab Pradhan. Keep making more gems for the fortunate bay area audience!

- Shailaja Venkatasubramanyan


Basab Pradhan