The multi-talented Shekhar Hemnani

The uber-talented Shekhar Hemnani has been associated with our theatre company ever since we started out in 2014.

Shekhar has been the creative genius behind the promo films for almost all our plays. He has this uncanny ability of taking a brief narration of the plot and central theme of an upcoming production – and then, just like that, coming up with a brilliant idea about how to best capture the essence in a short promo video. And off we go from there! Shekhar manages the creative process from the concept, to the shoot, to editing, to the final product that emerges, which always manages to leave us in awe.

A collection of the promos Shekhar has filmed for us is featured on our YouTube channel here. If you've been a regular patron, it is a nice trip down memory lane. If not, you'll get a feel for the kind of theatre we do through Shekhar's lens.

Shekhar is also a writer. A poet. And a music lover. For our adaptation of Ibsen's  A Doll's House,  he penned the beautiful lyrics to Koi Nazm Nahin, which was set to mesmerizing music by the Aalap Desai and sung by our own Sindu Singh. You can listen to the song here. He talks about Koi Nazm Nahin in the video embedded below.

Shekhar is the founder of Mausaki, a musical organization that counts Sufi, Hindustani and Western Classical, Jazz, Rock and Hip hop among its influences. Mausaki regularly organizes fantastic collaborations of music and poetry in the Bay Area showcasing local and international talent. He and his wife Rubina also run Arthrang, a lifestyle apparel brand. All this, with a day job at Oracle as Principal Product Manager and a one-year-old at home. Phew! Like we said, he is one multi-talented guy.

We are deeply grateful to Shekhar for all the amazing work he has done for us and look forward to a continued fruitful artistic partnership in the years to come.

Basab Pradhan