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Had the privilege of seeing a fantastic work of theater in Sunnyvale, CA yesterday. Difficult themes regarding sexual harassment and assault in the Silicon Valley tech industry were handled so perfectly. The writing and acting were superb. More shows next week. I highly recommend....

– Pascha Rose

We just watched the preview of “Greater Than”. What a great play. Such a delicate and relevant topic for Bay Area portrayed with such care. So many nuances... performance was top notch. totally worth the trip from Pleasanton on a very wet evening!

-Sujatha Subramaniam

Attended a fabulous play “Greater Than” by the Bay Area Drama Company. Fabulous performances by the amazingly talented Sindu Singh and team! The play was very thought-provoking and we had many thoughtful conversations on sexual harassment and female empowerment with our teenager afterwards! I loved the layered storyline and the excellent dialogue. Please go watch it!

– Saras Venkatraman

Watched a great play on gender bias in Silicon Valley, titled “Greater Than” in Sunnyvale theatre tonight. Thought provoking and realistic production by the Bay Area Drama Company. Kudos to the Director Basab Pradhan, and actors Sindhu Singh, Rita Bhatia et al. I highly recommend watching the remaining shows...

– Gaurav Malhotra

Sindu Singh and Basab Pradhan made it again ! A wonderful recreation of “MeToo” dilemma. Congratulations Bay Area Drama Company on your consecutive marvel.

– Abhi Golap

Watched another wonderful play by Bay Area Drama (BAD) Company called Greater Than. Based on a very sensitive and relevant topic, it has been intelligently conceived, written, and directed by Basab Pradhan, and very powerfully and engagingly delivered live on stage by Sindu Singh (great job Sindu), Sarah Williams, Rita Bhatia, Brian Levi, Paul Costello and Edward Keyani. Production support by the rest of the crew was fabulous, keeping the intensity and dark humor of the narration flowing. Great job guys!

– Soumya Chakravorty

Watched BAD production Greater Than today. An afternoon well spent! Such a great script and well depicted play on gender bias, sexual discrimination and harassment and politics in the workplace! It is very thought provoking and relevant to the times! This is definitely a play you all will love! Do go and check it out!....The entire cast did an amazing job,congratulations on yet another production!

– Veena Joshi Kamath

Bay Area Drama Company’s “Greater Than” was fantastic. Based on a very sensitive and relevant topic, brought a lot of meaningful discussions to a current issue. Sindu you were absolutely fantastic on stage ❤️! Bay Area peeps - there are more shows next weekend; book now.

– Chitra Jayaraman

Thank you Basab Pradhan for tackling a sensitive and important issue related to social justice in our society today. With such a strong plot, and an incredible cast, this story came alive on stage. Thank you Sindu Singh Rita Sf Bhatia and the entire team of Bay Area Drama Company. Bay Area folks DO NOT MISS this play! More shows this weekend and next.

– Pragati Grover

We watched Bay Area Drama Company's "Greater Than" yesterday. It was an excellent production from every angle, script, direction, acting, etc...keep up the good work.

– Anand Ramamurthy

Watched 'Greater than', a play written and directed by Basab Pradhan. In the light of #MeToo movement, the fictional story of bro culture in the silicon valley and the resistance for a change is depicted powerfully and realistically. Dialogues, direction, and acting make it compelling...a great watch.

– Ashok Handigol

Fantastic screenplay, direction and dialogues! All the actors did a marvelous job in the play.

– Sridevi Koneru

It was worth going out and watching Greater Than - A Play about Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley on a cold winter night. Another extremely relevant play by Bay Area Drama Company! In the time of Metoo movement, this play raises pertinent questions about the intentions of everyone involved! Very well written by Basab Pradhan. Sindu Singh takes Center stage as the no nonsense, power driven woman of action. Like always it was riveting to watch her. She was beautifully complimented by the sweetness of Rita Sf Bhatia’s character Sumitra. Loved to hate Brian Levi as Ash. He was very believable and convincing as the man who believes men are Greater Than...women! Do watch it.

– Namrita Yuhanna

Enjoyed another provocative production by BAD - keep up the good work

– Nirmal Iyengar

Basab Pradhan