Opening Night Audience Loved COUNTER OFFENCE

PC: Gaurav MIttal

PC: Gaurav MIttal

Our opening night audience raved about Counter Offence. Here are some reactions on social media:

“What a great experience watching Counter Offence. An excellent play with superb direction and wonderful acting. Must watch!”

– Shaheen Malik

“Congrats on another excellent production. Brilliant acting expressing contradicting human emotions precipitated by race, religion and gender in a politically charged environment...killer direction!”

– Raj Alur

“Went to see Counter Offence, a brilliant play by Bay Area Drama Company. Loved it! Counter Offence is a finely nuanced piece of writing, beautifully acted and produced, that spoke to me on so many levels....Would encourage everyone to go see it next weekend when they play again." 

- Bhanu Kumar

"Counter Offence! A riveting story relevant to our times told with heart and skill!! Congratulations and best wishes to Sindu and group!" 

- Anjali Kamath Rao

"Congratulations Team Bay Area Drama Company on a thought provoking production #CounterOffence. If you haven't already, do make some time to catch the play. It's amazing to see that a 20 year old play is so relevant even today."

- Vinay Bharadwaj

"Wonderful play! Amazing cast and everyone did such a wonderful job! Love the humor in the play while tackling so many social issues!"

- Archana Jain

"Yesterday we saw the play Counter Offence staged by Bay Area Drama Company. We got to know that the drama was written 20 years ago. The subject matter is very relevant today. If you get a chance please do watch it."

- Anand Ramamurthy

Basab Pradhan