Divya Joshi on Playing Mira Hattangadi


In Girish Karnad's Wedding Album, I play Mira Hattangadi.

Mira is a professional match-maker. Her partner-in-crime husband and she are on a mission to get Rohit (son of the Nadkarnis) married to Tapasya (daughter of the Sirurs). After months of work they finally get the Sirurs to come with them to visit the Nadkarnis. What follows is perhaps one of the funniest scenes in the play. 
Playing the role of Mira will be very interesting for me. As a Talent Acquisition professional, selling the job and the company to potential hires is what I do for a living. But I haven’t always been comfortable with it. I once told my boss, “I can never be that annoying, pesky salesperson chasing after people even after they’ve said no.” To which he said, “You will be, when you have to be.”

And now here I am, playing the role of Mira, a never-say-die marriage broker. Someone who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “no”. Hints and innuendo roll off her like water off a duck’s back. 

Life can be full of irony.

Wedding Album perfectly bottles the air, thick with stories and emotion, at an arranged marriage in India. I am excited to be part of an amazing cast and would love for you to come watch us.

- Divya Joshi

WABasab Pradhan