Nitin Deo: Father of the Bride

Nitin Deo as FATHER in  Wedding Album

Nitin Deo as FATHER in Wedding Album

“Father of the Bride!”

Quick! What’s the first thing that popped into your head when you read that? If you’ve seen Steve Martin’s classic comedy with that name, it might have been a funny scene from the movie. But having been through it myself in real life, let me tell you, marrying off a daughter is no laughing matter. At least for the father.

In Wedding Album, I play Dr. Nadkarni, the father of Vidula, his youngest daughter who is getting married. I am also father to Hema, who is already married and lives in Australia. And to Rohit, who himself is a target of many a match-maker. Marriages, past, present and future, are the central theme of the play.

Girish Karnad has painted the character of the Father, with a rainbow of colors. His fondness of Vidula, his empathy for what he has put his wife through, his regret for not giving Hema a proper wedding and his affection for his son are all intertwined in a complex character. But he also has his comic moments. In all, it’s a very rewarding role to play.

I have performed many roles in my career on stage – comic roles, a serious lawyer, a political leader - but, this is the first time I am playing such a multi-hued character. It’s a challenge but I have full faith in my dear friend – our director – Sindu Singh – who is extremely talented and knows how to get the best out of us.

Hope you’ll join us for one of the shows.

- Nitin Deo

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