Opening Weekend Was Fabulous!

Not Equal To is another great play by BAD (Bay Area Drama)!  Too real for comfort! Basab, great job writing, directing, and acting! Sindu, super production and fantastic performance as always!
- Simonil Kakalia

Wonderful Show! Riveting and suspenseful!
- Devin Ligtelyn

We very much enjoyed your play. The multiple story lines kept us engaged and on edge about what was coming next. Thank you for sharing your passion.
- Eric Fajardo

Don’t miss this one. It’s an original play written by the immensely talented Basab Pradhan. The cast is fantastic and the production absolutely flawless. 
- Dhira Ramakrishnan

It was a great story, relevant to not just the Indian diaspora but to everyone wondering about issues like fairness and inequality of access, and privilege.
- Anshu Sharma

Bay Area Drama Company’s latest play Not Equal To is simply brilliant. From the wickedly real candor of the script to the engaging narration of it thru superb performances by the cast and the crew you are left all fired up or totally disillusioned at the end by the sheer starkness of this fantastic production. Very strongly recommended. While everyone deserves great kudos, I would be remiss if I didn’t make special mention of Basab, the “Ingenious” who is the dramatist, director and protagonist of this wonderful presentation.
- Soumya Chakravorty

It was quite the treat with a gripping plot, superb direction and fantastic acting by the entire cast!
- Sowmya Padmanabhan

So impressed with all the cast and original script by Basab. Incredible talent! Hope everyone in Bay Area takes time to see this play
- Pragati Grover

The whole production was excellent. We enjoyed every minute of it.
- Roxane Mehta

Awesome play! Truly enjoyed it.
- Neelo Agarwal

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of watching an excellently written and well produced English play Not Equal To by Bay Area Drama Company. Every character was well enacted. Congratulations to the team.
- Anand Ramamurthy

It was brilliant! I loved the writing, topic, cast, and sets. Looking forward to the next season. 
- Uttara Makker

Not Equal To is another feather in the cap for Bay Area Drama Company. Loved it! Very well written by Basab Pradhan and splendidly enacted by the cast. A story about controlled greed, profit over personal relationships and inequality. One of Basab’s best performances. Very effective and riveting performance as Chairman Rao! Sindu Singh was endearing as usual and I absolutely loved the gritty performance of Ekta Brahmkshatri as Anna. 
- Namrita Yuhanna

What an excellent and a powerful play by Bay Area Drama Company!!! Super acting by Basab Pradhan and Sindu Singh and the ENTIRE cast!!!!! This is a must watch play for all Bay Area people!
- Yamini Mitter

So proud of Basab and Sindu for producing such amazing plays every single time. Basab's mastery over the language is evident in the writing. Lines like "Nothing corrodes authority like ridicule" have his signature written all over them. The lead characters were enacted to perfection by Ekta and Anirban. Basab's directorial skills and acting prowess were evident in the confrontational scenes with both the lead characters. Special shoutout to the stage management folks who moved so many pieces of set equipment across the various scenes so smoothly.
- Dinesh Chandrasekhar

Another great piece of work from Bay Area Drama Company! “Not Equal To” is so nicely put together! Basab Pradhan, what a tight original script and all round great performances by a talented cast and ably supported by a strong production team led by Sindu Singh! Wow! 
- Pratish Shah

Another spectacular play by the Bay Area Drama Company. Awesome work by the cast and crew. Basab Pradhan and Sindu Singh you guys rock!!
- Prapti Oswal

Such lovely performances to a very well written play, Bay Area Drama Company's- Not Equal To. Hats off Basab for this gripping story....wonderfully cast and lit the stage. A strong plot and great performances! 
- Dilip Ratnam


Basab Pradhan