Ekta Brahmkshatri as ANNA

Ekta Brahmkshatri is a Game of Thrones fan. This is how she thinks Anna Mathew, the protagonist of Not Equal To, would be known across Westeros, if she lived there.

Anna Matthew, First of her name
The wearer of tattoos and a septum ring
Sworn sister guarding the rights of the oppressed
The queen of the union
Hacker of Swiper
Nerd at Ingenius
Free, fierce and fearless
The black Cheetah
Follower of her own will
Follower of Che
Breaker of rules
Drinker of Royal Stag
Master of manipulation
Coder in SQL, Java, Python, Javascript, C, C++, Perl, iOS and PHP
The unshaken
Protector of her self                       
She who has never met a man that could tame her
The commoner who was never promised anything but is here to take what’s hers
She who takes on a Goliath

Ekta plays the fiery Anna Matthew – the leader of the Underground Union at Ingenius and the nemesis of its powerful Chairman – Krishna Rao. She is what every woman aspires to be – determined, fearless, focused, willing to risk everything including her career and the love of her life, to fight for what she believes in. A commanding presence on stage, Ekta is imbuing her character with fierce independence, strength of conviction and a cool edginess that all comes together in a heady mix to make for one tough-as-nails leading character. Come see her take on Chairman Rao in a fight to the end that will determine the future of the most powerful IT company in India.

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PC: Swagato Basumallick

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