Jay Ganesh as MURALI and Amar Chokshi as NEEL

"Ever since I was little, I have grown up hearing stories of Dad’s accomplishments and being compared to him. But I have never been able to convince him about my potential. He constantly worries about me. I was never passionate about computers and coding. I only studied Computer Science because dad wanted me to. I find myself torn between respect for him and simultaneous resentment at his lack of regard for my individuality. I have always felt that I am not good enough and am perpetually trying to prove myself to him." 

– Neel Rao

Amar Chokshi's insights into Neel as a conflicted young man who is fighting hard to break free from the shadow cast by his larger than life father, Ingenius' powerful and overbearing Chairman Rao, come through beautifully in the paragraph he wrote above as part of his character's back story. He epitomizes the epic struggle faced by the children of famously successful people. Amar is infusing Neel with drive, ambition and a strong streak of youthful rebellion.

Jay Ganesh is playing Murali Venkataraman, the CFO of Ingenius, the right hand man of the ruthless Chairman Rao willing to blindly carry out his boss's every bidding without questioning the moral grounds or ethical repercussions.

Neel trusts Murali Uncle. He looks to him for advice on his budding startup. Little does he know that Murali is solidly loyal to only one man. Will Neel make his mark on his own? Will Murali ever stand up to Rao? Come watch Not Equal To to find out.

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Basab Pradhan