"What do you think about the Deepa MMS video scandal?"

Imagine yourself walking around Chennai, asking people this question – Deepa's schoolmates, a neighbor, an office worker, a politician - what might they say?

Well, we did more than just imagine it. We wrote a script and invited some of our friends to enact it. Even though they aren't in the cast, they were still gracious enough to not only give of their time but also come in full costume!

And that's how we made our promo video for Free Outgoing. Filmed by the all around talented Shekhar Hemnani of Mausaki. Our thanks to Shekhar and the actors – Vaishnavi Sridhar, Dev Milind, Ananya Ayyaswami, Alamelu Iyengar, Natteri Varadarajan, Mani Subramanian and Ashoka Upadhya.

FREEBasab Pradhan