Directions to Lohman Theatre

Directions to Lohman Theatre

Directions to Lohman Theatre

The show will start on time!

Getting to Lohman Theatre, Foothill College is a little tricky. The street address of the college is not very useful since the campus is quite large. So please don’t search for Foothill College on your map app or car GPS.

Instead, map your directions to "Lohman Theatre" in Google Maps (link). That will get you right to the theatre. (Apple Maps doesn't have the location for Lohman).

The other option is to follow our handy directions here. Follow the arrows in the screenshot above. Off El Monte Rd, in Los Altos Hills, take the turn into Foothill College. Stay on the left and head towards the roundabout with the fountains. Come out of the roundabout going left towards parking lot 8. Now you are right in front of Lohman Theatre.

You will need to pay for parking ($3) even over the weekend. Please remember to budget some time to pay for parking at one of the yellow parking meters.

Lohman theatre has amphitheatre style seating. It is a small, intimate theatre. You will enjoy the show!

The show will start on time. Please budget 15 minutes to pay for parking at the meter and walk to the theater.

We look forward to seeing you there! Be prepared for some great theatre!

Basab Pradhan