Standing Ovation for Opening Night!

Our audience loved A Doll's House. Opening night was a stupendous success. We got a standing ovation from a packed house.

If you haven't booked your tickets yet, you might want to. You don't want to miss the last three shows this weekend.

Here's what the opening night audience had to say about the play:

Awesome play...something every diasporian Bay Area denizen should watch. Extremely well adapted from the original, superbly acted and directed, humorous and thought-provoking: what more can one ask from a creative endeavor. Three shows next weekend but have a feeling they will get sold out with the buzz from yesterday's premiere! Well done, Basab Pradhan and crew!

- R. Arun Kumar

It was fantastic!  Beyond fantastic - I really, really enjoyed it. 
The cast couldn’t have been better, the set was very effective and the adaptation was incredible.  There are  heavy topics in the original play and I thought the adaptation treated them all very effectively.  At times, it was quite humorous but that did not overshadow the seriousness of the play.

- Ellyn Bush

Wonderfully done! A very important play so powerfully and credibly adapted to modern times and to the Bay Area Indian-American context. The flow if the story is seamless with no false notes, and the references to start ups, Warriors, termsheets, even India office - very cool! Stupendous performances, especially Naina (Nora), and great music. A must watch.

- Srividhya Ramakrishnan

A Doll's House was brilliant! All the actors gave solid performances...The climax literally brought me to tears. I enjoyed the show thoroughly. Thank you for putting up such an awesome show. Can't wait for your next one.

- Deepthi Karanam

A big gang of us watched BAD Company’s production of Ibsen's 1879 classic "A Doll's House" yesterday at Sunnyvale theatre. Have never seen the original but Basab Pradhan's adaptation of the play to this decade, the Bay Area geography and the Indian community here, hit home. Sindu Singh was outstanding as she always is and wow can she sing!

- Jaya Murthy

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