Dhira Ramakrishnan on Charu Goyal

Dhira Ramakrishnan as Charu Goyal

Dhira Ramakrishnan as Charu Goyal

"If I had another chance at living my life, I would choose differently.  I would live my life rather than someone else's."
- Charu Goyal

A math whiz and only daughter of conservative Hindu parents, Charu Goyal comes to the US to pursue her undergraduate degree.  Here, she meets Naina, the protagonist. 

Unfortunately, Charu allows her family to dictate how she leads her life, and she spends almost a decade suffering the consequences of that decision.  Now she returns to the Bay Area, where she attempts to piece her life back together again.  Her strength and determination may ultimately impact the choices made by her friend Naina.  

Charu's message is an important one- her journey reminds me that it is never too late to take matters into your own hands and choose a path that is uniquely your own. 

ADHBasab Pradhan