Ram Asur on Kevin Joseph

Ram Asur as Kevin Joseph

Ram Asur as Kevin Joseph

Kevin Joseph works at Tarun's company, Tesseract, as a sales manager. He got the job with the help of Naina, the protagonist, and is indebted to her for that.

A single parent, Kevin has been down on his luck in recent times but must be able to hold down a job for the sake of his son. Trapped by circumstances and haunted by his own past, he is driven to take certain steps that lead to the central conflict of the play.

Kevin is a very real character - a flawed human being. A man who feels he has been hard done by. A man struggling to provide for his son. A man who came to the US like many others with a lot of ambition and hope to study, work hard and make a good life for himself. But fate has not been kind to him and has left him bitter and lost. 

And so he tries to do what he feels he must…

To see what he does, come watch me play Kevin in ‘A Doll’s House'

- Ram Asur

ADHBasab Pradhan