The Audiences Love DANCE LIKE A MAN!

The audiences at our Preview show and Opening Night, loved Dance Like a Man. Praise for the play has been lavish and even a little overwhelming. Thank you to all of you who stopped by in the theatre lobby to tell us how much you liked it. And to those of you who wrote in on email or on Facebook. Please tell your friends about the play and BAD Company.

Here is a selection of quotes from the audience.

Standing Ovation for the play 'Dance like a man.' Very Well deserved and another excellent production by Bay Area Drama Company. Enjoyed it thoroughly!

- Namrita Yuhanna

'Loved the play! You all were fabulous! Superb performances by one and all!'

- Veena Joshi Kamath

Bravo! I went to last night's ("preview") performance of DANCE LIKE A MAN. I loved it! It's a not-to-miss show. Great acting, great writing, captivating, artistic themes, beautiful, intense, funny, poignant, and super directing by a very talented Sindu Singh. Enjoy!

- Jim Herriot

What a powerhouse of talent! Fabulous play, fantastic performance. A must, must see. Encore, Sindu Singh and the BAD Company! You all were outstanding, the set was amazing and your direction was par excellence. I can't wait to see your next production, hopefully, soon. Break a leg!

- Harleen Singh

I thoroughly enjoyed the play. Since the Bhopal play, I have come to every one of BAD presentations and each time I have found you and your team reach new heights. 
What I like about BAD plays is that you choose serious issues and present it in elegant theatrical manner. While having a stimulating and enjoyable experience, I have dimensions of my mind expanded and sensitivities sharpened. I will be writing to number of my friends & family about the play. If there is any other way I can help please suggest it to me. With best wishes and wishing you god's speed

- Mahendra Mehta

Saw the Play Dance Like A Man yesterday shown by Bay Area Drama Company...excellent play along with excellent actors and their performances. It is a must see.

- Sarna Keswani

Another excellent production, excellent script and cast. Do not miss Dance Like A Man by Bay Area Drama Company. 3 more shows left!

- Ben Thomas

If you're in the Bay Area, I'd really recommend BAD Company's fantastic rendition of Mahesh Dattani's "Dance Like A Man"! Directed by the amazing Sindu Singh & brought to life by her brilliant cast. Dare I say - "tenderly intense & intensely tender"! 

- Afroz Zain Algiers

Great show last night by BAD with splendid performances by the cast and amazing direction by Sindu Singh ... Do catch it if you can..

- Rita SF

The play "Dance like a man" is fascinating! Feeling lucky to learn more about the Indian culture and art through performances of Bay Area Drama Company! Also a great echo of the previous show "A Doll's House"!

- Ket Lin

Yesterday I was privileged to watch the opening show of  Bay Area Drama Company's 'Dance Like a Man'. It was a thoroughly enjoyable play featuring gorgeous sets, music, dance, well-written characters and great acting! Kudos to Sindu Singh (who masterfully directed the play), Basab Pradhan and the rest of the cast and production team for putting together an engrossing high quality production!!! Recommending all my friends in the bay area to catch one of their remaining shows.

- Ram Asur

Great performance and a thought-provoking story written by well-known playwright Mahesh Dattani. Passion vs stereotype. Great job Basab Pradhan, Sindu Singh, and team. I'd highly recommend this play (set in Bangalore - lovely set of Kannadiga traditional household).

- Simonil Kakalia

I am so glad I came. The cast was awesome and the play was superb

- Vaishali Nayak

DLAMBasab Pradhan