Shaurya Jagtap as Vishwas

Shaurya Jagtap as Vishwas 

Shaurya Jagtap as Vishwas 

'Me marrying a Southie my father will tolerate, but accepting a daughter-in-law who doesn't make tea is asking too much of him.'

Vishwas embodies what every woman wants to see in the man she wants to marry. He is supportive, head over heels in love with Lata and has a good (not to mention a little cheeky) sense of humor. This sense of humor also makes him utter the silliest things at the most inopportune times, leading to some hilarious moments in the play.

Although his ability to frequently land himself in awkward situations might make him seem frivolous, he is not just an empty-headed guy. He wants to live a simple, happy life with Lata and their future children. However, he wholeheartedly supports Lata's dreams and aspirations, only expecting her to ensure in turn that their family life is not adversely affected by her ambitions.

As our director once put it, he is the eyes and ears of the audience and probably the only character in the entire play who isn’t “dysfunctional”. 

This play has been a memorable experience for me right from when I auditioned for it (which is a different story in itself) and working with such beautiful, passionate souls has made it even better. I look forward to bringing Vishwas to life this December.

- Shaurya Jagtap

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