Madiha Akram - "I'm not Izzat"

Neha Goyal as Madiha Akram

Neha Goyal as Madiha Akram

Madiha Akram is the executive assistant of the CEO of Union Carbide, India. She is an educated, ambitious girl who dreams of making it big and leaving the small town of Bhopal where she grew up. She is excited, of course, to be working for Union Carbide, the multinational giant. But it is Devraj Sarthi, the CEO and her lover, who she is completely besotted with. She blindly believes in his mission of helping the poor by generating economic growth.

It is only when tragedy strikes at the Bhopal factory, do the scales fall from her eyes. She realizes that the poison from the factory "does not discriminate". In this respect she is not very different from Izzat Bai, the woman from the slum.

The play depicts her struggle with accepting the truth after living in constant denial - "I'm not Izzat”.

- Neha Goyal


BhopalBasab Pradhan