Indignant. Outraged. Fearless. - Dr. Sonya Labonté

Sindu Singh as Dr. Sonya Labonté

Sindu Singh as Dr. Sonya Labonté

Dr. Sonya Labonté has given up material and creature comforts along with a prestigious medical career in Canada to return to small-town Bhopal and her partially Indian roots.  Driven by a fierce passion and an unshakeable belief that she needs to do everything in her power to help the people she views as victims of the western world's insatiable greed, she works herself to the bone at an NGO providing much needed healthcare to desperately poor women in the slum. 

To Sonya, Union Carbide is the ultimate symbol of the capitalist quest for selfish, hegemonic domination of third world countries.  Idealistic to the core, she is repulsed by what she perceives to be callous negligence, corrupt corporate practices and gross neglect of the basic human rights of local populations.  She is determined to unearth what she sees as utterly preventable atrocities and reveal them to her illustrious peers in the scientific community with the ultimate goal of bringing awareness of these crimes to world public opinion and effecting meaningful change at the local level.  

Deeply committed, compassionate and caring toward her patients, Sonya simultaneously presents a formidable threat to Carbide's corporate honchos and the scheming Chief Minister.

-Sindu Singh

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