Dilip Ratnam as "The Man"

Dilip Ratnam as The Man

Dilip Ratnam as The Man

"The Man. Unassuming gentleman. Nothing too special about him at first sight, but he runs deep. Firm and gentle in general, and complex in character."

I was intrigued when I saw this character description of The Man, in the audition notice for 30 Days in September. So on a bright Saturday morning, with a monologue in my hand, I drove to the auditions, partly excited to audition for a play with BAD Company, and partly curious to find out more about "The Man".

After my monologue round, when I was given sides of the play to read, for the different characters played by "The Man", the intrigue only increased. The characters that I read for seemed to be so intense and yet different. If I got the part it would be challenging, but a lot of fun, I thought to myself.

A few days later when Rooben called me to offer the part, I was thrilled. Rehearsals are now in full swing. Some of the characters (The Man is actually four different characters) have been very hard for me as I have to go deep into a troubled psyche and that has not been easy. 

30 Days forces all of us to come out of our comfort zones and confront an issue in all societies, not just Indian which is far more prevalent that we would like to believe.

I hope you come to see me play "The Man" in 30 Days in September.

- Dilip Ratnam

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