Up next - A DOLL'S HOUSE

Adapted and Directed by Basab Pradhan
Produced by Sindu Singh
May 31st to June 6th | Sunnyvale Theatre | English

After the roaring success of our maiden venture Bhopal, BAD Company is pleased to announce our next production, A Doll's House – An Indian-American adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's classic. Among the most famous plays ever written and possibly the most performed work in modern times, A Doll's House created waves in the artistic world when it premiered 135 years ago due to it's unusually bold, for the times, commentary on gender issues. Such was the furor it aroused that famous female actors of the time refused to play the role of Nora, the protagonist, due to what they felt was an unthinkable act of rebellion on her part. The playwright ultimately succumbed to the pressure and criticism (not very different from the kind Tamil author Perumal Murugan came under recently) and changed the ending. Later, he regretted altering the ending and restored the original one. 

A Doll's House is being adapted to a present day setting by our very own, Basab Pradhan, who will also be directing the play. While largely sticking to Ibsen's storyline, Basab’s retelling explores the cultural and social mores surrounding a married Indian couple in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ibsen's Nora and Torvald are now Naina and Tejpal. The names may be different and we may be living in another century altogether, but the underlying issues are still startlingly relevant.  What is the status of a capable and educated woman in a household where she has chosen to be the homemaker?  Is she truly an equal in every sense? What are the attitudes and views that surround a husband's approach to decision making? Does a woman's role as a mother and a wife preclude her identity as an individual and a human being? The play is a critical examination of these issues in a 21st century Indian-American setting.

BAD Company's A Doll's House will open on Sunday, May 31st with shows running through June 6th at the Sunnyvale Theatre, 500 E. Remington Ave., Sunnyvale, CA.

More information on www.bayareadrama.company/upcoming

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