Boiled Beans on Toast

by Girish Karnad

Directed by Sindu Singh

Sep 6th to 14th, 2019

Lohman Theater, Los Altos Hills

We begin our season with a heartfelt tribute to the late Girish Karnad – literary giant, activist, intellectual and an exemplary human being –whose recent passing has left us with a tremendous personal and professional void. Boiled Beans on Toast is his ode to the city of Bangalore - The Silicon Valley of India. With a zany cast of characters including an upper crust housewife who bemoans the cutting down of a sprawling tree for road building, a wide-eyed small town dweller seeking his fortune in the city's shiny, brave new world of outsourcing and a smart-as-a-whip, keenly resourceful maidservant willing to sacrifice all morals and ethics for survival, the play examines urbanization, modernization and the ensuing impact on average city folk across social classes with Karnad's signature wit, sarcasm and searing humor.

Divided By

Written & Directed by Basab Pradhan

Dec 6th to 14th, 2019

Sunnyvale Theater

In an alternate version of India, Cricket is religion. It enjoys total dominance in a country that is in the thrall of sports. But other sports have followers too – like Kabaddi. Divided By is a love story between a “Cricketiya” girl and a “Kabbadiya” boy. Can their love triumph in a country divided by sports? 

Divided By is an allegory of a society riven by religious strife. After Not Equal To and Greater Than, this is the third in the playwright's Inequality Series. Audiences can choose between shows in English and Hindi.

Afsaaney – Our Stories (English)

Directed by Sindu Singh

Kathambam – Our Stories (Tamil)

Directed by Sathish Sattanathan

March 13th to 21st, 2020

Sunnyvale Theater

A series of original short plays based on true stories of immigrant experiences across the South Asian diaspora in the United States. From the traditional stigma around mental health, to LGBTQ issues, to the role played by race in romance and marriage, the stories explore a variety of themes relevant to the contemporary milieu. Audiences can choose between shows in English and Tamil.

The Square Root of a Sonnet

Written by Nilanjan Choudhury

Directed by Ranjita Chakravarty

June 12th to 20th, 2020

Sunnyvale Theater

In the Summer of 1930, a nineteen-year-old boy named Subramanyan Chandrasekhar, who we now know as the brilliant Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist, formulated the fundamental equations that govern the ultimate fate of the stars in our universe. But his discovery of black holes was suppressed almost immediately by his mentor at Cambridge University, Sir Arthur Eddington, whose actions have been a long standing mystery in the annals of science. The play is the story of ambition, friendship and betrayal set against the backdrop of the two World Wars, the Indian freedom struggle and the birth of the strange new sciences of relativity and quantum mechanics.